Glassplay brings bespoke design to architectural applications where intelligence and imagination lead and technology follows.

With our roots deep in traditional practice, and
our world view driven by
the frisson of ideas and digital know-how, there
are no limits to how we
play with glass – the
dynamic relationship
between design and technique inspires creative solutions that activate commercial, ecclesiastical, institutional and domestic environments.
Rick Allen is Managing Director of Heritage Decorative Glass (HDG)
and a leading authority on architectural stained glass,
its restoration and conservation. HDG has extensive studio facilities
in Australia's Southern Highlands.

Peter Campbell is the Creative Director of CampbellBarnett. He is
an architectural graduate, graphic designer, photographer and musician – a strategic visual thinker with broad experience of traditional arts practice and the technologies that have impacted profoundly
upon it.

Glassplay is a collaborative enterprise between the two artists, bringing together high-end design, technical virtuosity and all the potentials of a practice that integrates art with technology as easily as it fuses the best of the future with the best of the past.